Sara Shahak – Assamblage Award AUTOR 2018

Sara Shahak – Assamblage Award AUTOR 2018

Sara Shahak – Assamblage Award AUTOR 2018 1000 667 Dautor

Sara Shahak winner of Assamblage Award @ AUTOR 2018 about her first participation at 17 edition of the fair and her experience at the enamel workshop at ASSAMBLAGE school. This award, which consists of a jewelery course organized by Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School, aims to encourage and boost the development of an artist selected for AUTOR fair, both creatively and on the technical side.

AUTOR: What meant to you to participate to the 17th edition of the Autor Fair in Bucharest?

Sara Shahak: The knowledge that I had been accepted to participate in the fair had encouraged me to design with more passion. The participation itself gave me the opportunity to meet and make dialogs with talented jewelers from different countries, to receive and give reactions and inspirations.
I met fascinating people and their reactions warmed my heart.
Also professionally, I met and made connections with gallery owners and collectors, which is very important to the progress of an artist. Thank you Dan Piersinaru and AUTOR for this opportunity!

You were selected by the Assamblage team of professionals to be the winner of the Assamblage Award. Tell us just how you felt about it.

Sara Shahak: To win the Assamblage Award moved me very much. I feel that the prize actually expressed the appreciation of the professional and skilled jewelers in Assamblage for my work. This is a very significant prize for me. A prize that confirms the path I have chosen. A prize that is a compliment from colleagues and designers to my works and designs, to the unique materials I chose to work with, and the designs that came out of it.
I am thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Tell us more about your Assamblage experience.

Sara Shahak: During the three days of the course, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about enamel. I learned a technique that was new to me, original tips were given to the success of projects in enamel. I managed to convey this technique that I learned into my materials and designs. I am sure that I will soon use this knowledge I have acquired on my new collection.
Thank you Assamblage team for the award and for inviting me. Thank you Jennifer Wells, our excellent teacher.