Molly Wang ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019

Molly Wang ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019

Molly Wang ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019 1365 2048 Dautor

AUTOR is a story imagined and built by passionate people, who inspire through creativity, vision courage. We want you to discover one of the #peopleofAUTOR and let them stimulate you with their story and their creations. See you at ⫸ AUTOR Fair ⫸  Bucharest.

Molly is fascinated by the relationship between people as well as the relationship between people and contemporary society, and try to transfer the intangible topics to tangible wearable pieces using her methodology during her jewellery experience. Now she is doing her MA project based on consumption phenomenon. After graduation, she is going to build her own studio to develop further in the contemporary jewellery field.

The participation in AUTOR implies a rigorous selection process, a collection dedicated to the event and a lot of work. What can you tell us about the collection with which you participate in the fair on April 20 and 21?

This collection I participate with is the first collection of my own brand, which has been developed for almost one year. The original purpose of the design is to present our human emotion through jewelry rather than just words. What’s more, I’m keeping exploring the boundary between jewelry and object, trying to make jewelry more functional not only when wearing, so this is the result of my studio practice. I hope this collection will get good feedback from the audience.

What does it mean for you to be present at AUTOR?

It’s real meaningful for myself as this is the first time I am presenting my own brand to the public. It’s like showing my ‘baby’ to the world which makes me so excited as well as nervous.

The concept of this year’s fair is “Beauty never sleeps”. What does beauty mean to you and how did this artistic creation influence your concept?

For me as a jeweler, being beauty is part of my design philosophy which directs me to the end of the road. It’s also an essential part of the function of wearing jewelry. My concept is always related to the human being, I’m constantly creating work which can build relationships with the audience as well as help making connections between people.

Nowadays, attention spans are getting shorter day by day. How does contemporary jewelry reflect today’s society?

It’s a shame to admit that we are less patient than ever before while the appearance looks more essential when socialising. I think that’s one of the reasons why more people, especially women, are fascinated by jewelry. Also, the style of contemporary jewelry is changing. More interesting and diverse materials are applied to different works, and different kind of social topics are ‘discussed’ by contemporary jewelry.


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