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Kana Umeda


Kana Umeda is a self-taught jewellery artist from Japan now based in Belgium, who solely works with glass to realize her concept in the form of jewellery. Having learned various techniques in glass making such as glassblowing or glass casting, she discovered the ideal technique, lampworking which allows her to make delicate and sophisticated objects in glass with an oxygen torch. Immediately after learning the basics of the technique in a private studio in Tokyo, she soon established her own studio and the brand there in 2008. With nobody who made glass jewellery around at that time, she had to do a lot of experiments herself which gave her the opportunities to explore in both the technique and the aesthetic in creating jewellery pieces.
She is always attracted by transparent materials and thrives to visualize natural phenomena or what is not completely visual such as fog and rainbow or light and shadow, which is manifested by the brand name, “_cthruit” read as “see through it”. Glass’s natural transparency is just so perfect to see things through with, creating no unnecessary flair or prism in the vision yet giving us a simple question: what do we really see?

The brand has been active in participating in solo/group exhibitions in galleries, pop-up stores in boutiques or department stores, mostly in Japan and international trade shows in Japan, US, UK, Canada, and France.
Since 2017, the designer moved her base in Brussels in Belgium expanding the horizon in Europe. After exhibiting two trade shows in London and Sieraad in Amsterdam in 2018, the brand is yet en route but now gaining grounds. In Brussels, her pieces are now in Sabine Herman Gallery and Vetue boutique.


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water series


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Water series pieces are with the ones made out of many entangled glass chains that collect and reflect the light around them, inspire by water bubbles in a river that shine and sparkle in a random way. The water may look similar in the river but never the same. It stays but it flows. The pieces from this series are also still, as glass objects are, but mobile and random, as chains are. They don’t give the jewellery piece a clear outline but present the air around and inside of it like halo. Capturing the light with a jewellery piece is the ultimate objective for the designer and water is one of the perfect motifs through which she expresses light itself.

Jewellery pieces are either in transparent (clear) or transparent black, representing light and shadow. Clear ones look almost white reflecting the light on the many chains used, creating beautiful contrast with dark colored skin or clothes while black pieces manifest themselves more on the fairer colors except on darker colors where they lose colors leaving only the sparkles on the wearer, which is also one of the ideal moments to see the light itself without any “interference” of the shape.

While they are constructed based on a simple principle, they look complex: while they look complex, they are simple. The designer has always been attracted by this contradicted aspect of the simplicity. For her, simplicity is not having nothing but only having what’s necessary as her native Japanese culture has taught her.
This series is a permanent series and keeps evolving adding various shapes of “water” in the ripples.

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