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Flore Soria


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Flore Soria


After studying sociology, ethnology and archeology at Paris University, I decided to reinvent myself and began to learn leathercraft techniques at Grégoire Ferrandi's School in Paris. I spent the following years honing my newly acquired skills with several companies, including a studio specializing in aircraft leather interiors.
On the strength of my professional experience, I decided to apply my skills to my own jewellery production ; since 2017, I have therefore dedicated my creativity and expertise to handmade leather jewellery, using a range of specific techniques.


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Colourful Black&White


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This collection is the result of my attempt to apply particular leathercraf techniques to jewellery production : hand sewing, edge burnishing, leather marquetry, embossed design and leather carving are employed to produce original necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings, with a high quality finish.
I like to add to this leatherwork a variety of ornamental objects made of other materials ( such as metal, resine, plastic, wood, stone, etc ) in order to bring leather textures to light. These diverse items act like guests creating a poetic composition with the leather elements.
Beyond those specific techniques, this collection can also be perceived as a work about graphic and colour issues. I look for elegant graphic lines, or harmonious colour combinations to produce aesthetically pleasing jewellery.
This collection, inspired by the art deco period but also by contemporary design, revolves around variations of geometric patterns and a bright colour chart that contrasts with black and white.

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