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Yue Tan


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Yue Tan


Yue Tan is originally from China. During 2012 and 2016, she studied and received dual bachelor degrees in jewelry from Chinese University of Geosciences in China and Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. Right after graduating, she went to Rhode Island School of Design(RISD) for a master degree in jewelry. In RISD, she has participated in multiple group shows. In 2017, she won the alumni artist award from the International Precious Metal Institute in Cranston. Now she recently graduated and gets started launching her career as a jewelry artist.


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The Dream Alchemy


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Dreams are fleeting, the autonomous events which happen in my subconscious transmit their power to my consciousness. I wish to know where these contents come from, why I have these dreams, or if these dreams are referencing narratives from what I have seen or experiences.
Of all the materials that I have interacted with, silver has become my favorite drawing medium. The enduring nature and preciousness of this material have enabled me to preserve and solidify the moments I encounter in my dreamscape. I make these pieces by soldering each individual wire, constructing them into an image and making it to a brooch. The process of soldering is a slow and tender process, and time is commissioned to consolidate the story-telling of these pieces. With the building up of wires, the piece gradually reveals itself to me, and the introspective narrative is woven alongside this process.
The relationship between my dreams and waking life did not remain emotional once I was determined to bring my dreams into my jewelry practice. Dreams exist above the human body, but making them in the form of jewelry brings them back to the physical body.

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