Simone Frabboni ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019

Simone Frabboni ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019

Simone Frabboni ⫸ interview AUTOR 2019 2414 2358 Dautor

AUTOR is a story imagined and built by passionate people, who inspire through creativity, vision and courage. We want you to discover one of the #peopleofAUTOR and let them stimulate you with their story and their creations. See you at ⫸ AUTOR Fair ⫸ 20-21 April @ National Theatre Bucharest.


The participation in AUTOR implies a rigorous selection process, a collection dedicated to the event and a lot of work. What can you tell us about the collection with which you participate in the fair on April 20 and 21?

My collection “3500” is made with 3500 years-old oak wood and more  recent oak wood, and acrylic resin (ecologic). The ancient wood has been  certified by Carbon 14 analysis that I have personally requested to a  research centre, as I had found the piece and not bought on the market,  as I often do for my wood jewelry. This wood tells a story of a big river, ancient forests and huge trees,  during a time with no kings or borders. The aesthetic work is strictly connected with  the research and work on materials. I look for coherence in everything I  do, and this is also part of my artistic research.

What does it mean for you to be present at AUTOR?

A recognition of my work, the possibility to show my research and  creativity to an international public which is fond of the subject.

 The concept of this year’s fair is “Beauty never sleeps”. What does beauty mean to you and how did this artistic creation influence your concept?

According to the balance between a complex design process and a minimal  style, in this collection I had worked on geometrical shapes and tactiles features of my jewels. The geometric shapes want to express the essence of trees, their rythm  and vibrations, to represent the idea of trees and so of a forest. The  young and ancient wood represent this continuity, outside human times.  Actually this collection want to represent the beauty of trees, which  lies outside time.

Nowadays, attention spans are getting shorter day by day. How does contemporary jewelry reflect today’s society?

Maybe contemporary jewelry it’s a good tool to interact inside today  society, because it has the power of connecting ideas and shapes, and  in this way it is probably able to catch a so jumping attention.