Svetlana Prigoditch, jewelry and fragrance

Svetlana Prigoditch, jewelry and fragrance

Svetlana Prigoditch, jewelry and fragrance 902 616 Dautor

Picture by Marcel Theodore Anthony Bosch

AUTOR team went to Athens Jewelry Week and we met many amazing artists and were fascinated by their work. We are happy to have had the chance to talk to some of them.

On of the artists we liked is Svetlana Prigoditch. We found her work very interesting, she is creating jewelry, but also fragrances, you can use them both because in every of her jewelry you can put a little drop of fragrance or separately. The fusion of jewelry and fragrance is delicate, also how you can play with them. We wanted to find more about her and to present to you her statement about jewelry, perfumes, and beauty.

When did you find the connection between jewelry and perfumes, how did it all start for you?
My passion for contemporary jewelry started about four years ago, after a long period of exploring and getting lost in different mediums as video performance, drawing, sculpture, and installation art.  At one point I’d realize that jewelry has a quality to connect all of them! It was a relief.
The combination of art and craft, and the fact that the body can be seen, in a way, as an art gallery by wearing peace, made my decision complete.
The passion for the perfume started when I was a little girl, remembering the smell of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent on my mother. At that moment I could perceive the perfume changing the appearance of the person and becoming an invisible and powerful tool for communication with the surrounding. One of my teenager’s dreams was to become a seller in the perfume shop.
After years of smelling, sniffing, collecting perfumes I ended up composing fragrances myself.
How will you describe your work in contemporary jewelry?
What is contemporary jewelry for you now?
Contemporary jewelry for me is when the craft and conceptual idea are even important when the artist doesn’t feel any boundaries to explore different mediums for creating his/her pieces. It is very liberating and exciting. Contemporary jewelry is not per definition always meant to be wearable, although, I personally do like when someone is wearing my jewelry.
I can describe my work as wearable art which gives you a possibility to escape reality for a moment. By creating an extra dimension and adding fragrance to the jewelry, I try to attract the senses and stimulate the imagination of a viewer.
If beauty had her fragrance, what flavors/ ingredients would it have?
My perception of beauty in fragrance is about desire and secrecy. In the opening of the composition, I could imagine a romantic narcissus, seductive creamy tuberose, and mystical blue lotus, then following up with aromatic black currant leaves and a couple of figs. In the base and for the dry-down I would put some deep and intense ingredients as labdanum, frankincense, amber, wine, vanilla bourbon and a bit of powdery leather accord. I love the smell of leather, it gives the perfume an aristocratic and elegant touch.
Your new collection is brooches with images from the movies, what relation do you have with movies?
The movies I have chosen for the brooches are particular from the 40th till the 80th of the 20th century. The cinematographic works from the directors as Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Andrei Tarkovsky have that significant and comfortable velocity. It makes me dream away and being totally absorbed by the movie. They are very powerful in creating a nostalgic atmosphere.
Where did the spark for this collection come from?
The smell is connected to our past experiences, were preserved in our memory. When we identify an odor, it always comes with an image from the unconscious. Like a film clip from our personal movie. My decision of adding fragrance to the jewelry came very naturally. It’s about making the image’s I use in my work alive. I see a fragrance as a piece of invisible jewelry, it combines in a very interesting and often surprising way with the wearable pieces. The collection CinemAromatique Classic is a still growing project. Finally, I’m hoping to create a ‘cinematographic olfactory’ library with brooches and fragrances.