Do you speak jewelry? 5 reasons why contemporary jewelry deserves to be seen, felt, talked about 

Do you speak jewelry? 5 reasons why contemporary jewelry deserves to be seen, felt, talked about 

Do you speak jewelry? 5 reasons why contemporary jewelry deserves to be seen, felt, talked about  2048 1365 Dautor

Photo from Autor Fair 2019 archive – Artist: Emilie Le Dez

Whether you are a jewelry connoisseur or a novice in this field, we felt the need for a recap of our reasons to love, truly appreciate and rightfully promote the contemporary jewelry stage. See it as a refresh button, a renewal of our vows, a statement in front of our readers and community.

First of all, why would you read about contemporary jewelry?

Because words were never meant only for literature. Actions, contexts, journeys, little pieces of life’s endless puzzle and, most importantly, feelings can be found also in contemporary jewelry. Every piece has its story, its personality, its own little universe.

And the second and most essential question we are about to answer is: why do wearable objects deserve to be seen, felt, talked about? Well, here are our top five reasons.

Photo from Autor Fair 2019 archive – Artist: Elisabetta Carozzi

1. In a world full of copy & paste, creative jewelry strives for the authentic 

Authenticity is the rarest thing in today’s consumerist world. We want uniqueness, the differentiating factor. Evolution and growth are based on new ideas. Contemporary jewelry exudes authenticity, being an indisputable source of new ideas. You carry something that arises from an uncontrollable creative impulse, this impulse being one of the essential elements of authenticity.

2. Something personal can’t be anything else than unique 

Behind every jewelry design is one’s vision of the world. Understanding one’s creation means understanding the Other, understanding his set of values, his joy and sadness, his way of thinking. Understanding the other’s creation is also: discovery and closeness. Jewelry is jewelry only in relation to the human body and the human gaze. Wearing an author’s jewel is the most important sign of validation. After all, we live in an interconnected world, we surround ourselves with minds that intrigue us, with people we can resonate with – through words, gestures or visions in contemporary jewelry.

Photo from Autor Fair 2019 archive – Artist: Deglation

3. The story beneath the surface is always the best part 

The need to base interactions on empathy, on listening, is one of humanity’s biggest challenges today. Knowing that a jewelry is the extension of its author, but also its wearer it’s the formula we needed. Meeting in between, through jewelry, creates a trio for the soul – the giver and the creator, the jeweler who pours himself into a living object for another living being; the jewelry itself, with common meanings, a micro-universe of the artist and the wearer; the wearer, the privileged carrier of both the art and the creator’s story. 

4. The passion, hard work and restless creativity 

Supporting the artists, the ones who feed and calm our souls, it’s essential. The ongoing Pandemic did one thing right –  it made us realise how important beauty is, the things that entertain us and give us hope. Contemporary jewelry was a form of expressing ourselves even in Zoom meetings, in our pajamas, in our prison-homes. The eyes were meant to see art. The hands were meant to touch the art. The mind and soul were meant to feel art, to find meaning in it. All these benefits can’t survive without the artist and for them, even the smallest appreciation, like subscribing to their platforms, is a gift.

Photo from Autor Fair 2019 archive – Artist: Raluca Buzura

5. It forever excites you, fascinates your senses and keeps you curious 

Curiosity and our constant need for new stimuli are the things that keep us here, wanting more and more from life, enjoying it till our last breath. Boredom is impossible in the jewelry field. Our body is a mysterious and ever changing entity. Jewelry is an extension of the self, a never ending source of wonder and fascination. Don’t let it walk right by you without touching it, understanding it, sharing it to like minded people.

And two final questions – let them rest in your mind for a while:

Do you speak jewelry?

Who or what is jewelry for you?