A NOËL #9 story: Visitors have chosen their favorite brand

A NOËL #9 story: Visitors have chosen their favorite brand

A NOËL #9 story: Visitors have chosen their favorite brand 1680 1120 Dautor

The first edition of NOËL Designer Gifts Fair with international participation brought together 85 carefully selected designers from Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy.

Creatives met with designers gifts lovers at Casa Universitarilor in Bucharest on the 9th and 10th of December. The brand Made in Roşia Montană was designated by the visitors as the most loved participant in the fair. Winner of the Public Award, Made in Roşia Montană, is a brand of knitted accessories of about 50 ladies from Roşia Montană, represented by the super-hero Tică Darie, who will offer one lucky voter a product from the workshops of the social enterprise he founded.

NOËL – the gift of designer gifts brought together the most authentic and creative Christmas gifts: fashion creation, jewelry, object design, accessories, decorations and natural cosmetics. At its 9th edition, NOËL offered its guests two days of carefully selected designers and, together with SUPER-NOËL, the character that became the emblem of the fair, invited the audience to test their superpowers in the adventure of finding the perfect Christmas presents.
Starting this year, NOËL has gained international reach and has exclusively presented designers from Istanbul, Sofia and Merano, alongside Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Rosia Montana, Iasi, Suceava, Braila, Constanta and Techirghiol.
During the two days of the fair, NOËL enjoyed the attention of a curious and friendly audience interested in finding out the designers story of each purchased item, from idea to the final product, and who chose to consciously buy unique, emotion-filling gifts.

As compared to the previous edition, NOËL has increased the number of social and cultural projects it encourages, projects that are meant to revive almost forgotten places and crafts, such as: I Wonder, Made in Rosia Montana, Cosanzeana, Mesteshukar ButiQ, Pro Patrimonio Foundation.

The character SUPER NOËL has brought many smiles and joy to those who hugged him on the spot during the two days of the fair and promises to keep us up to date with everything fresh and playful in contemporary design and from now on.

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