Alchimia alumni collective at AUTOR #12

Alchimia alumni collective at AUTOR #12

Alchimia alumni collective at AUTOR #12 1200 1803 Dautor

AAC (Alchimia alumni collective) collective was created just a couple of months ago, co-founded by Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert and Dinah Lee as a platform for past and future Alchimia alumni. Our main goal is to showcase their and our work, so as to put contemporary jewelry on the map in a larger scale, introducing it to the general public as it is still an unexplored territory to many.

Being friends, colleagues and former schoolmates, we naturally discussed the current state of contemporary jewelry amongst ourselves. We came to the conclusion that we would be much stronger as a collective and could help not just each other, but on a much larger scale by having this platform available for all past and future alumni, especially giving that we all come from the same school of training, have a common understanding and approach to our individual work.

Our aim is to create, one day in the near future, a movement, a kind of contemporary jewelry “awareness”, as we feel that it is still very much an unrecognised area of the arts. Gradually, we want to be able to organize, create and participate in different events and exhibitions all around the world, in different cities.

We hope it will be the beginning of a huge movement!