Alchimia: MFA in Contemporary Jewelry and Body Ornaments

Alchimia: MFA in Contemporary Jewelry and Body Ornaments

Alchimia: MFA in Contemporary Jewelry and Body Ornaments 760 336 Dautor


Alchimia’s MFA program develops over a two-year period with the aim to expand and deepen the students’ knowledge and skills in studio-based jewellery design. The program is intended to generate further critical understanding in and of the discipline, strengthen individual artistic approaches and positions, and investigate new possibilities for marketing and promotion.
The objective of the course is to render the students independent and qualitatively highly prepared in every aspect of their work, not only including research, creation, and production, but also networking, and exhibiting and self-presentation in relation to galleries and collectors. Therefore, in the second year of the program, students are not required to live in Florence, but can choose any city in Europe as their base. A personal tutor appointed by the school will follow their developments, while intensive workshops, seminars, and training periods are held in Florence.
Special attention is put on the ability to position one’s own work within a contemporary context and to critically evaluate and debate one’s progress. The program also involves more collective activities, such as the realization of events, comprising the complete production process — including fundraising, curating, and writing the appropriate texts.
The students enrolled in our second year of the MFA, who would like to stay in Florence, have the access to a workshop space exclusively designed for them.

– New Perspectives in Modern & Contemporary Art History
– Goldsmithing & Technical Jewelry Lab Specialisiation
-Jewelry Photography & Digital Photo Processing
– Material Experimentation
– Research Methodologies & Processes

– Advanced 3d Digital Design
– Cultural Analysis Trough The Arts
– Exhibition Curating for the Applied Arts
– Visual Communication Development
– Guided Professional Research
– Independent Professional Practice
– Marketing and Web Development
– Thesis

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Featured image: piece by ENRICA PRAZZOLI.