Application for Autor 9

Application for Autor 9

Application for Autor 9 500 600 Dautor

Aplica pentru AUTOR 9
The first step for being part of Autor 9 is the application.
The application is necessary for expressing your wish of participating and for enabling you to go through the selection process of the designers who will be present at this edition of Autor. At the spring edition of Autor, all the designers exhibit new jewellery collections.

  1. The application will contain the presentation of nine pieces in their final form, along with the concept of the collection (name, text, sketches, mood board etc.). A new jewellery collection means presenting and supporting a personal concept which suits accordingly the vision and the technique of the designer/artist who creates auteur jewellery. Apart from the proposed concept of the new collection, we will also take into consideration the use of quality materials, execution and professional finish in crafting the said jewellery.
  2. Afterwards, describe the manner in which the new collection and the jewellery will be exhibited at the fair (images, sketches with the adequate scaling and text). There are two options of exhibiting: table and under the form of an installation. We encourage exhibiting jewellery in an original and attractive manner. However, the practicality and the efficiency that would support the selling and the visibility of the jewellery should not be neglected. Autor recommends framing your choice of exhibiting in a space of 1.5 x 1.5 mp.
  3.  The NEW ENTRY section: the designers that are applying for the first time, are asked to attach to their application a portfolio suggestive for their creative direction and their past creations. Autor encourages and promotes upcoming designers that are fit to belong to the ‘New Entry’ category.

-It is preferred that the application and portfolio to be sent in a PDF format.
-If you send individual images, they should not be larger than 350KB/jpg.
-The archive/images will have the name of the person applying for the fair. In the case of brand names, the personal dates of the contact person should be included (name, e-mail, phone number).
-The e-mail address where the applications should be sent is: hello@dautor.ro
4. The deadline for applications is 15th March 2013.
Keep in mind that the number of places is limited and the applications sent after the deadline may not be considered. We will announce the results of the selection after the date of 25th March 2013.
Suggestion: The photos included inside the application should have the quality of presenting the jewellery in a simple and efficient manner. So, keep it simple.
We are looking forward to your applications!
Good luck!
Autor-contemporary jewellery team