Art Aurea supports AUTOR 2016

Art Aurea supports AUTOR 2016

Art Aurea supports AUTOR 2016 550 707 Dautor


Starting this year, AUTOR has a stellar network of international supporters that we’ve appreciated and followed ever since we began creating this community of jewellery lovers! They’re always inspiring, good looking (just take a look at those pages and covers!) and focused.

Just like us at AUTOR, they are striving for exceptional content, great imagery and consistent promotion for the talented contemporary jewellery designers we meet.

ART AUREA magazine needs no introduction for all of you and we are extremely happy to announce them as our media partners form now on!

If, however, you should require an introduction, here it goes:
“Art, high-quality manufacturing and design, as well as the lifestyles inspired by them are our themes. In our Art Aurea journal and on our new internet platform we explain and communicate a traditional culture in a contemporary and innovative fashion. With an open mind and without prejudice, we look for artistic quality and exquisite craftsmanship that embody inspiration, beauty and meaningful depth, and particularly appreciate authentic creative minds, as well as people who love the exceptional.”
Their passion for the art jewellery field and Mr. Ludwig’s dedication to this project are an inspiration for us day by day.

Join AUTOR fair on April 16th and 17th in Bucharest and get your own copy of the magazine from the Chrome Yellow Books stand!