Elinor Cohen 500 500 Dautor

Elinor Cohen

My vision is to make art and design through jewellery. Pieces of wearable art. The design starts with an observation on a man standing next to a structure.

Corina Cubici 500 364 Dautor

Corina Cubici

I am fascinated by many things and I am trying to discover as much as I can. I wish to explore the most of contemporary jewellery and to learn and create.

Arina Nițulescu 500 921 Dautor

Arina Nițulescu

I never wanted to create embellishment, but to bing ideas to life.

Mariana Tănăsescu 500 727 Dautor

Mariana Tănăsescu

Freezing the the ephemera in beauty, colour and unexpected shape always motivates me and I hope this also brings pleasure to other viewers.

Iza Vișoianu 500 707 Dautor

Iza Vișoianu

While Eneada creations feature a classical and graceful approch, snob. collections are the result of designer’s more minimalist and avant-garde point of view.

Letizia Maggio 500 500 Dautor

Letizia Maggio

After attending many ceramic courses with well known studio potters, Letizia has chosen porcelain and silver or gold as materials for her elegant, delicate and impressive contemporary jewels.

MOST – Monica Stanescu 500 750 Dautor

MOST – Monica Stanescu

I was always fascinated by jewelry especially those of silver and now I work authentic pieces for people at least as passionate about this area as me.

Iulia Ivan 500 755 Dautor

Iulia Ivan

The first piece of jewellery I have ever created was a ring I made playing in one of my friend’s studio. I was charmed by the result and I realised I like this way of artistic expression.

Stephanie Elderfield 500 750 Dautor

Stephanie Elderfield

Working under the name of Metal Myth Studios, Stephanie makes limited production and one of kind jewellery pieces from rich coloured metals, silver and gemstones.

Davide Zambon 404 604 Dautor

Davide Zambon

Gold-smithery is a way in which I am trying to figure the surrounding reality and the mechanisms that, while apparently chaotic, interlock to give Sense to things.

Simona Ghiga 500 662 Dautor

Simona Ghiga

My thoughts have gained shape with the help of stainless steel, brass and copper wires that I have crocheted or woven together with river or semiprecious stones and even sand.

Call for entries AUTOR 14 1000 750 Dautor

Call for entries AUTOR 14

AUTOR 14: The autumn edition 7 – 8 november 2015, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA   The International Jewelry Fair AUTOR is the most…