IN THE FORCE FIELD OF THE SEEKER – workshop with Gisbert Stach

IN THE FORCE FIELD OF THE SEEKER – workshop with Gisbert Stach

IN THE FORCE FIELD OF THE SEEKER – workshop with Gisbert Stach 1120 600 Dautor

Gisbert Stach jewelry

Jewelry Workshop with Gisbert Stach in Bucharest, Romania.
05 – 07.05.2022

Together we approach the theme of jewelry in new forms. We will test it as a language, as a medium and explore the effect of jewelry with unusual techniques. Through the media of video, photography and performance, we refer to current issues. With these experiences we find new approaches to jewelry design.

Gisbert Stach by Rose_Stach

Gisbert Stach works as a freelance artist who combines jewelry with video and photography in its distinctiveness. One focus of his work is on processes of transformation and experimentation. Stach serves as a jury member in competitions and lectures at international jewelry symposia. He is one of the most important authors of contemporary jewelry.

➠ The workshops are aimed at young artists:
– who would like to experiment with a conceptual approach
– who want to work with unconventional materials
– who would like to learn more about the contemporary jewelry market in the current context

⭆ How to apply:
Please send the documents below by 22.04.2022 to:
❑ Portfolio with works and links which are representative of your creation
❑ Personal presentation (half a page) in which you introduce yourself and explain why you would like to participate in the workshops

The workshops IN THE SEARCHER’S FIELD OF STRENGTH and MATERIAL NARRATIVES are part of the exhibition I LIKE JEWELRY AND JEWELRY LIKES ME and are conducted by the German artists Melanie Isverding and Gisbert Stach. The exhibition of the same name is organised by the Goethe-Institut and the AUTOR Platform for Contemporary Jewelry and is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the artist Joseph Beuys. The workshops will be held in collaboration with the AUTOR Platform for Contemporary Jewelry and the ArtUp School for Contemporary Jewelry.

 The exhibition runs from 6th to 28th May 2022. Opening on the 6th of MAY, 6 PM at Goethe Pavilion.

✱ Workshop times:

05.-07.05.2022, Gisbert Stach / IN THE SEARCHER’S FIELD OF STRENGTH
19.-21.05.2022, Melanie Isverding

The exhibition project I Like Jewelry and Jewelry Likes Me should have taken place in October 2021, when the art world celebrated the centenary of Joseph Beuys’ birth. Due to pandemic conditions, we postponed the date to May 2022. Time played into our hands so that we can now present a more extensive program to the public, including the exhibition I Like Jewelry and Jewelry Likes Me, workshops on contemporary jewelry, dance and jewelry performances as well as encounters and discussions with invited artists.