Autor 11 – creativity without borders

Autor 11 – creativity without borders

Autor 11 – creativity without borders 857 1200 Dautor

The leading contemporary jewelry event in Southeast Europe is getting ready for its 11th edition: expansive, colourful and as surprising as spring is!
Autor is now part of the international circuit, aligning itself with other similar events – Joya Barcelona, Legnica Polonia, Blickganf Vienna etc – and boasting a selection of artists who have what it takes to be internationally acknowledged.
Creativity without borders. A larger and larger international participation confirms Autor’s unification with the international contemporary jewelry scene – more than 20 designers out of the 62 who were selected are from outside Romania: Chile, Columbia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, South Korea, the US, France, etc. Contemporary jewelry in Romania is having an unprecedented high moment, and that’s easiest to see when the artists are face-to-face with their public, as well as designers from different countries and environments.
Most awards ever. Relevant and influential, the awards are here to confirm that the jelwery community, as well as Autor, are heading in the right direction:
Autor Awesome Award (AAA) is at its third edition: an intensive course with Alchimia school, of Florence, will be awarded to one designer.
-The MNAC award: one piece, chosen by the curators of the museum, will be chosen for the permanent collection in MNAC – a huge step forward for the artist who will have the honor of being elected.
-a jewelry making course will be awarded to one up-and-coming designer by the Bucharest-based jewelry school Assamblage
LAO Grand Prix – Le Arti Orafe, reputed jewelry school of Florence, will award a scholarship to one designer. Thereupon, the student will only pay for half of the tuition required for one year of study.
-The Elle award: “the best-selling fashion magazine in the world” will choose a designer they want to write a feature about in their July 2014 issue.
Joya Award – one designer will get to participate in Spain’s most important contemporary jewelry event, Joya Barcelona.
Autor Contemporary Jewelry Magazine
We are launching the first contemporary jewelry magazine on May 7, at MNAC. The magazine will be bilingual, biannual and a place for artists to express themselves and travel to far-away artist communities, galleries and events.
This spring, Autor is a true explorer: stories, adventures, road buddies and wonderful jewelry from all around the world – come see, listen and discover all of this on May 17 and 18, at Sala Dalles.


Saturday, May 17: 11.00-21.00
Sunday, May 18: 11.00-20.00

Entrance fee: 10 lei

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