AUTOR 2017: 90 artists, 5 continents, all senses

AUTOR 2017: 90 artists, 5 continents, all senses

AUTOR 2017: 90 artists, 5 continents, all senses 1200 800 Dautor

Close your eyes. How do you think a ring sounds like? What’s the taste of a bracelet? Come to listen, see and taste contemporary jewelry from 5 continents at AUTOR, the International Jewelry Fair on 13 and 14 May 2017, at the Grand Hotel du Boulevard. The only international event of contemporary jewelry in Southeastern Europe and one of the three in Europe is preparing for the 16th edition. AUTOR 2017 is inspired by UniCredit Bank.

We give you more. 90 designers are presenting for the first time their collections at AUTOR and are drawing a map of a complete and complex event – from Japan, Argentina, and the USA to Finland, Canada, or Israel, voices and tastes gather together in the most intense event of contemporary jewelry.

The world seen by Mona – Focus Designer at AUTOR 2017: This body of work is a protest and a confession: the pain of the forest, that it is also my pain,” says Mona Velciov. The “Deforested” collection is about deforesting the last virgin forests in Europe, it’s a reaction and a statement. Jewelry is communication – we wear how we feel.

AUTOR Awards&more. Because the AUTOR Awards are expanding with each new edition, here’s what’s new in 2017: Athens Jewelry Week Award gives to a certain designer an invitation to participate in the latest event in the world of contemporary jewelry, and myday-byday Award: 7 days of ‘personal exhibition’ in the contemporary myday-byday jewelry gallery in Rome.

The usual awards remain: AUTOR Awesome Award for the most promising artist participating in the fair; Assamblage Award: a course offered by Assamblage – the Contemporary Jewelry School to an emerging designer; Krama Institute Award – a jewelry course at the Krama Jewelry Institute in Athens. And the list goes on: The Public Prize – you know what it is, so go vote; ELLE Award (special article in the magazine), and last, in a random order, the F-M-Award consisting of promotion in the online community and presence in Molecule-F store.

AUTOR Magazine – number 4. Come to all your senses, says the number 4 of the magazine – and get it, we say. AUTOR Magazine – a contemporary jewelry magazine that feels you and that you can feel. We know you got it: AUTOR Magazine, The Senses Issue, is waiting for you at the fair.

AUTOR. Contemporary Jewelry. May 13-14, Grand Hotel du Boulevard (Elisabeta Boulevard, 21).

Inspired by: UniCredit Bank.

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