AUTOR 2018 at National Theatre Bucharest

AUTOR 2018 at National Theatre Bucharest

AUTOR 2018 at National Theatre Bucharest 1080 900 Dautor

AUTOR, the only contemporary and art jewelry international fair in South-East Europe, will soon welcome visitors at its 17th edition.

On 5 and 6 May, over 80 designers from five continents will offer to the Bucharest public the opportunity to admire and buy a curated selection of contemporary and art jewelry. AUTOR 2018 will take place in the foyer of the main hall of the National Theatre Bucharest and will be open to visitors between 10:00-18:00.

„This year, AUTOR launches an invitation to all those who wish to express themselves in an original manner, choosing jewelry that represents them and which they bring to life through the way they wear it. For this edition of the fair we have with us extraordinarily creative artists, who bring collections that surprise and enchant at the same time. AUTOR is that unique opportunity to meet, besides the Romanian designers, contemporary and art jewelry makers from the whole world, a real joy that I hope many visitors will experience during the first week-end of May”, said Dan Pierșinaru, director and founder of AUTOR – International Contemporary Jewelry Fair.

The designers who will show their creations at AUTOR 2018 have been selected by an international jury of experts: Sofia Björkman – Artist and Founder of Platina Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, Ruudt Peters – Artist and Professor, The Netherlands, Felix Flury – Artist, Professor and Director of Gallery S O – Solothurn, Switzerland and London, UK and Dan Pierșinaru – Visual artist, Director and founder of AUTOR, Bucharest, Romania.

In the selection process the jury focused on a series of aspects that differentiate these works: the designers’ capacity to propose an original and at the same time very personal vision, to surprise, to challenge contexts and ideas, distilling all of these into jewelry executed with exceptional and innovative techniques.

Also, AUTOR Magazine, an independent publication printed on special paper and with creative graphics, which has reached its fifth issue, will be launched in the wake of the fair. AUTOR Magazine #5 hosts a series of features dedicated to contemporary and art jewelry projects, created and developed by the designers themselves, thus making it an artistic initiative in itself. The magazine launch will take place at the AUTOR Magazine #5 Party on 25 April starting with 19:00, at HIII, a new space dedicated to creative projects and events, at 82 Popa Nan Street.

„Beyond the actual fair, AUTOR is a platform which fosters and promotes contemporary and art jewelry. Within this framework, through AUTOR magazine and our social media presence we offer designers varied opportunities and contexts to express themselves, and to contemporary jewelry aficionados a complex space for insights and inspiration”, added Dan Pierșinaru.