AUTOR Award x Athens Jewelry Week ⫸ Kinga Huber and the Senseless Collection

AUTOR Award x Athens Jewelry Week ⫸ Kinga Huber and the Senseless Collection

AUTOR Award x Athens Jewelry Week ⫸ Kinga Huber and the Senseless Collection 1772 1181 Dautor

Because contemporary jewelry is unlimited in time and emotions, here is the AUTOR award winner at Athens Jewelry Week 2020: Kinga Huber and her collection, Senseless Roles. The award offered by AUTOR in 2020 highlights a new jewelry artist, offering a special invitation to the next edition of the AUTOR Fair, which will take place in 2022, as well as the constant support and visibility of the artist within the platform.

Kinga Huber is a Budapest based designer and creator of jewelry. Her works are characterized by the driving of contrast and the continuous experimenting. Kinga likes to choose new materials and techniques by putting objects into nonconventional positions.

The Senseless Roles pieces reflect towards the chosen or given roles of women. Lip jewelry and finger jewelry, which can not be worn in any usual way, fulfill the functions of traditional jewellery while being barriers, hindering one’s free actions. Just like an ornamental burqa, or gold plated cuffs, which express the privileges as well as the subservience and dependence of its wearer.

Kinga’s pieces are timeless in an era of fragility and superficiality. They make you think of the most intimate connections – kissing and touching, jewelry meant for lips and fingers. The connections we have with others and with ourselves are, paradoxically, fragile as well as strong, viewed along the temporal axis. We are guided by communication and connection, words, emotions and touches.

Choosing women as a landmark for the Senseless Roles collection is a brave choice and more than suitable for contemporary jewelry with a message. Although the roles of jewelry and women revolve around the word “elegance”, Kinga emphasizes the fluidity and universality of jewelry and femininity. We are part of a whole where the societal roles do not have an individual meaning, but a collective one. They must be understood before they can be assumed. Touched before being worn.

The 2020 online edition of Athens Jewelry Week (AJW) was, as always, a breath of fresh air, a reminder of our collective passion for jewelry.

In uncertain times we adapt, we stick to our friends and inspiration models, we maintain the consistency of our relationships with people, passions and, most importantly, jewelry. 

AJW is a festival, an institution that creates the space where artists and audiences from the Contemporary Jewelry field can meet and exchange ideas, network and develop future collaborations. The works exhibited during AJW, are not only art pieces that express states of being, provoke discussions and comment on current sociological structures and tendencies, but are also a means to an end. The strong connections that are formed between individuals and groups coming from different cultures, support AJW and become the source for new and progressively more impactful actions since 2016 (excerpt from AJW’s statement).

Discover more about Kinga Huber on her website, by clicking here, or on Instagram, by clicking here.