AUTOR 10 was a success!

AUTOR 10 was a success!

AUTOR 10 was a success! 960 640 Dautor

The AUTOR 10th edition was an 100% assumed actAlmost 3000 visitors were present throughout the two very intense days of AUTOR, two days of beautiful people and contemporary jewelry in the most authentic sense – an strong, effervescent universe, and perfectly defined. Autor celebrated contemporary jewelry through an event of international standards, where Romanian and overseas designers exhibited their newest creations.

“The 10th edition was a act that I assumed 100%. From the very beginning, I wanted to conceive the anniversary edition as a complete upgrade: international guests, spectacular display, coherent and paramount communication, recommended by people with excellent reputations in this field, a robust prize for the AAA winner, and a complete novelty in Romania: the launch of  a contemporary jewelry magazine. I confess I wanted to make a statement throughout this edition – to show and to express physically the fact that together, we can make beautiful things happen. The future has a collective author, there is no doubt about it” says Dan Pierșinaru, founder and creator of Autor.

After five years and ten editions, Autor took a new step: a contemporary jewelry magazine, a consistent and relevant AAA prize, offered to Alina Carp, a personalised set-up, an increasing international section. The 10th edition highlighted the efforts of a small, but truly enthusiastic team. 51 Romanian and 7 international designers in a concept place, with the scenography realised by architect Attila Kim, contributed to an ideal positioning of the event. Autor 10 proved that there is a community of talented designers, that an international approach is absolutely realistic and that dedication and professionalism can lead to evolution.

“Now more than ever, I felt that Autor is a place of encounters; a place where we can connect with others, where our interior universe is expressed through jewelry, conveying messages and looking for an audience. And, with the risk of repeating myself, I need to emphasise that in Romania, contemporary jewelry has a bright future”, concluded Dan Pierșinaru.

Autor Awesome Award kindly offered by contemporary jewelry school Le Arti Orafe
Supported by: Lenor & Ariel, Whirlpool
Set up: Ytong, Xella România (, Tego, Holver (