AUTOR Magazine #5 – The Reciprocity Issue

AUTOR Magazine #5 – The Reciprocity Issue

AUTOR Magazine #5 – The Reciprocity Issue 1000 664 Dautor


“RECIPROCITY seems to hide behind everything.

Is it a universal law that informs every interaction? Does it also hide in the genesis of the creative process? What does art, and jewelry as an art medium, have to comment on this issue? I dare you to embark with me on this discovery voyage that will show us some of reciprocity’s various faces, as they have been captured by some of our most creative jewelry makers. Do you accept the invitation?”, – Niki Stylianou, contemporary jewelry artist and editor of AUTOR Magazine #5.

The Reciprocity Issue has been launched! We thank all of our friends who joined us and already had a chance to flip through its pages at the launch PARTY on 25 April, at HII, 82 Papa Nan Street, Bucharest.

The response to our open call this year was immense. We received more than 100 submissions from all over the world. A fact that made the selection process very difficult, as all works had something unique to offer. Unfortunately we have only so many pages, so we had to choose.

We are happy to announce the names of the artists that you will meet in the 5th issue of AUTOR Magazine. All featured projects met our criteria: authentically outline their authors personal point of view while trying to provoke a dialogue, have a sound conceptual base, strong visual presence, and respond to the Reciprocity brief.

Adéla Schicker ★ Annamaria Mikulik ★ Aric Verrastro ★ Cleopatra Cosulet ★ Constantinos Papadoukas ★ Corrina Goutos ★ Demitra Thomloudis ★ Dongyi Wu ★ Frankie Moughton-Small ★ Jina Seo ★ Katja Turpeinen ★ Lavinia Rosseti as presented by Ilaria Ruggiero ★ Lucy Ganley ★ Maria Militsi ★ Niklas Link ★ Teodor Siminic ★ Triin Kukk ★ Wanshu Li ★ Xenia Deimezi ★ YunSun Jang

Now at its fifth edition, AUTOR Magazine is an independent publication in English language, printed on special paper and with creative graphics. AUTOR Magazine #5 hosts a series of features dedicated to contemporary and art jewelry projects, created and developed by the designers themselves, thus making it an artistic initiative in itself.

For more info please mail us at mag@dautor.ro.