AUTHOR for the FUTURE – the latest educational project of the AUTOR platform

AUTHOR for the FUTURE – the latest educational project of the AUTOR platform

AUTHOR for the FUTURE – the latest educational project of the AUTOR platform 1080 1350 Dautor

“Author for the Future” was born as a well-defined educational project with a clear mission, having its motto in the slogan “The Future has Author Collective”, which we created and launched in 2013 during the Rosia Montana protests. It has become a symbol of the Autor platform and a manifesto for education and synergy in building a future in which each of us is already or can be an active member.

A jewel for you, an important aid for future designers.

For 15 years we’ve been trailblazers in contemporary jewellery – it’s time to pass on our craft to those just starting out.

A significant portion of the sale of these one-of-a-kind AUTOR jewellery and objects will go towards the AUTOR for the Future educational project, launched at AUTOR 2024.
Our platform will organise a comprehensive programme of courses and workshops over the next few years dedicated to training young people who want to perfect their artistic vision.

It is our tribute to a tomorrow that takes forward the art of contemporary jewellery.

The first creative and educational workshops will take place in Southern Transylvania. By getting involved in these workshops, children from Jibert, Brasov county, will not only learn new skills, but will have the opportunity to understand and build a future where beauty and what it creates are part of it. These activities, organised by artists and writers, help them discover their passions and talents, giving them opportunities in the future and broadening their perspectives.

How can you help?

A portion of the proceeds generated from the AUTOR fair merchs table will be redirected to this educational cause, directly supporting workshops held by artists, designers and writers and providing the children of Jibert with the necessary resources for creative workshops. This project is more than just recreational activities, aiming to bring a whole new know-how and experience to areas that are totally deprived of opportunities for those who will participate. Every purchase made at AUTHOR for the FUTURE contributes to the education and development of children, giving them the chance to build a better and more prosperous future.

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