Call for entries

Call for entries

Call for entries 700 950 Dautor

Autor 11 Call For Entries

Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair

17-18 May 2014, Sala Dalles, Bucharest, Romania

1. Introduction

Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair is one of the most important contemporary jewelry fairs in South-East Europe. As a biannual event, the fair strives to promote contemporary talents within the jewelry design arena by creating a meaningful environment and maintaining a demanding selection process.

Autor is a contemporary jewelry platform which encourages designers to create a dialogue and to interact with their most meaningful publics – consumers, press, distributors. Autor’s mission is to promote talented jewellery designers and artists, both at a local and an international level.
In collaboration with renowned architects, Autor transforms the fair in a charming environment which enables the participants to exhibit their pieces in an attractive manner and facilitates the encounter with the audience.
As the number of such events in East Europe is quite reduced, Autor gives its participants access to a market which has yet to be explored.
2. Who can participate in Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair?
Contemporary jewelry professionals as well as artists from other fields of art and design who produce jewelry pieces are eligible to participate in Autor.
Autor welcomes participants from all over the world, regardless the country, nationality, race or gender. Participants are free to use materials, shapes, sizes and concepts in a manner that suits their artistic vision.
3. Application Requirements
a. A brief biography including the name under you wish to appear, e-mail address, phone number, occupation, creative vision and particularities regarding the creative process, website or Facebook page.
b. The participants have to create a new collection that follows the following theme: colour. The theme proposes an analysis of how originality and innovation in contemporary jewelry can be achieved through the usage of colour.
A new collection is defined as a collection which has never been presented to Autor’s visitors and audiences.
The collection must include minimum 5 pieces and the applicants have to provide the following information:
– The collection description should include the presentation of 5 pieces in their final form, along with the concept of the collection (name, text, sketches, mood board, etc.).
5 photographs of the pieces which do not exceed 350 KB/JPG. The pictures should present the pieces in a clear and simple manner.
The e-mail address where the applications are to be sent is:
The deadline for applications is the 17th of March 2014. Keep in mind that the number of places is limited and the applications sent after the deadline may not be considered.
Autor will announce the results of the selection after the date of April the 1st, 2014.
4. Selection
A curators’ board formed of three members will analyse and select the designers to participate in Autor 11. When going through the selection process, the following elements will be taken into consideration: a coherent collection which follows the theme proposed by the board of curators (see Section 5), originality, creative designs which employ an innovative usage of concepts, materials, shapes and techniques.
5. Support
Besides creating a dynamic hub for contemporary jewelry artists and aficionados, Autor is actively trying to support and encourage talented creators through various sections and activities:
AAA (Autor Awesome Award): Offered to the designer whose pieces or collection are considered as the most impressive. The jury analysing the pieces consists of people with meaningful experience and an excellent reputation in the design area.
The award is designed in a manner that will allow the winner to further develop his/her career as a jewelry artist.
E.g: The AAA winner of Autor 10 received a three months scholarship at the prestigious contemporary jewelry school Le Arti Orafe (Florence, Italy).
New Entry Section: This section gives new talented designers access to the contemporary jewelry design environment. The new designers who pass the selection process will be actively promoted in the specialty press and within a wide base of contemporary jewelry aficionados.
Recommended by…” Section: This section allows the designers who take part in Autor to enhance their portfolios. An illustrious person from the design industry selects what he/she considers to be the most creative, innovative and exquisite pieces. These pieces are formally acknowledged through a “Recommended by…” badge.
Autor Magazine: Launched during the 10th edition, Autor Magazine tackles subjects related to jewelry design. As it is the first contemporary jewelry magazine in Romania, Autor Mag represents an excellent platform for promoting the participants at the fair.
All pieces are to be insured by the participants themselves against any theft, loss or damage that could arise during the event. In case of loss or damage, Autor will not take any responsibility.
The organization may use the pictures of the pieces on display provided by the artists for promotional purposes.
Contact Details:
Dan Pierșinaru, Founder & Creative Director: