Register NOW for AUTOR Fair 2020

The 19th edition of AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair will take place on the 9 ▬ 10 MAY 2020, in Bucharest, Romania.

AUTOR is the most important event in the field of contemporary and art jewelry in South-Eastern Europe. Established in 2009, AUTOR  has positioned itself throughout its 19 editions as an innovative fair, a connector and a context creator for contemporary and art jewelry creative talents. Through time AUTOR transformed into a contemporary jewelry family, opened to fellow passionate people. Beyond its role as intermediator between jewelry wearers and jewelry artists, AUTOR is a community always ready to offer quality, authenticity and uniqueness. The participants at AUTOR Fair are offered access to an exquisite and attractive clientele. AUTOR is an active platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between artists and their public: direct consumers, collectors, aficionados and jewelry community starters. Candidates from all countries and nationalities are eligible to participate in the fair.

To be part of the application process and to make it valid, please make a payment of 20 euros (tax included) after finalising the registration process. 

The application process:

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. Make a payment of 20 euro after finalising the registration process.
  4. Admission confirmation around March 15.

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