Caroline Broadhead ♦ jury member for AUTOR Fair

Caroline Broadhead ♦ jury member for AUTOR Fair

Caroline Broadhead ♦ jury member for AUTOR Fair 1000 1361 Dautor

AUTOR is a story imagined and built by passionate people, who inspire through courage and creativity. We want you to discover all the AUTOR people and let them stimulate you with their story and their creations. Caroline Broadhead is the new jury member of the AUTOR Fair since ②⓪①⑨.

Caroline works across the fields of the fine and applied arts, creating jewellery, textiles, furniture – three dimensional objects – and regularly collaborates with choreographers producing installations for live performance.  She was Course Leader of BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins for eight years (2010-2018) and has been a visiting lecturer at many national and international institutions.

Beauty and jewelry – in a relationship?

These are not necessarily bound together although conventionally they have been. Jewelry offers an opportunity for communication and can be used to explore a full range of ideas. Beauty can be used as a strategy to draw attention to a piece of jewelry which may then lead one’s thoughts elsewhere.

Jewelry – Textile – Furniture – Installations – Performance. What’s your compass when navigating these territories?

For me, all these categories have distinct differences but they also have areas that overlap. I think any one territory that refers solely to its own history is maybe not as rich as one that looks beyond and integrates other inspirations and influences. Good work has a strong sense of purpose, a clear direction and a clear voice and a sense of quality.

When I’m new (in art and jewelry) and I don’t know where to go to, why don’t I go … ?

I recommend Klimt02 as a go to place for those new to contemporary jewelry – it is an international hub giving a huge amount of information, galleries, makers, opportunities, jewelry weeks etc.

Welcome to AUTOR ②⓪①⑨. The forecast from the jury is …?

…going to be a great show!