Cleopatra Cosulet – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2018

Cleopatra Cosulet – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2018

Cleopatra Cosulet – Focus Artist @ AUTOR 2018 1200 628 Dautor

Cleopatra Coșulet, one of the most talented contemporary jewelry artists will be the Focus Artist of the 2018 edition of AUTOR international fair. Her collection titled “The World Inside” speaks about a dynamic and heterogeneous inner universe, with varied emotions and experiences, which reveal themselves to the viewer with honesty and invite to reflection and interaction.

“It is my fifth participation to AUTOR and every time I feel the emotion of meeting a special audience, with whom I can share personal feelings, born out of my relationship with the world and carried into the jewelry I create. It is a great joy to see them going into the hands of those who will choose and wear them, giving them a new life, making them part of their own journey” says Cleopatra Coșulet.

Along with her, on 5 and 6 May 2018, in the foyer of the Main Hall of the National Theatre Bucharest, over 80 designers from five continents will be present at the 17th edition of AUTOR, the only contemporary jewelry fair in South East Europe.

In preparation for AUTOR 2018, Cleopatra answered a few questions for us.

AUTOR: Cleopatra Coșuleț + contemporary jewelry = in a relationship? 🙂 How is it going? Defining moments? The biggest challenge? Would you change anything?

CC: Definitely relationship, no doubt about it. With the good and the bad. With the bad seen as boosters, not finishes. With the good fuelling the already firm and decided path on this way of contemporary jewelry. The moment of immersion in this fantastic world was that when aesthetics, functionality and quality execution of jewelry was not enough anymore. It was the moment when I felt the need that the piece I was creating starts from an idea, a concept. To express a creed, a state, an emotion or a protest. To speak without words.
Challenges are omnipresent. For me, the ones related to the new collection were definitely the most difficult to manage. But perseverance and even stubbornness, doubled by tons of patience made things possible. In this context, the only thing that I would change – if it were possible – would be the time of my debut in the contemporary jewelry world.

AUTOR: Romania. Contemporary jewelry. Where to?

CC: The Romania of contemporary jewelry, the way I see it, is like a territory that wishes to be discovered, each one of us fitting in a certain path that they assume while walking on it and experimenting.

AUTOR: Designer at the beginning of her or his career, seeking success. What would you recommend? 

CC: To always be themselves and express this in what they do.

AUTOR: What are your expectations from AUTOR 2018 and what is next? 

CC: Participating in AUTOR allows one to get authentic reactions to their personal vision and its manifestation through the works presented. This feedback is precious, and being here, in the space where contemporary jewelry and the public that loves it interact, creates lasting bridges over time.