Creativity and entrepreneurship directions in jewelry

Creativity and entrepreneurship directions in jewelry

Creativity and entrepreneurship directions in jewelry 1642 1095 Dautor

After AUTOR 2017 edition we held a conference on Saturday, May 27, at Mezanin, Universul Palace, entitled Contemporary jewelry and entrepreneurial directions. The talk was focus on the romanian context and the oportunities that are existing or not, for contemporary jewelry scene.

The conference took place under the umbrella of Show OFF Romanian Design Week, a program that reunited all the events inspired by UniCredit Bank connected to the central exhibition.

The main topic of this session was about how creativity goes hand in hand with the application of entrepreneurial rules tested and presented by three initiators with expertise in the field. The conference took place as an open discussion between the speakers who guided the dialogue and the participants who came up with questions complementary to the themes discussed.

The three speakers Anca Ungureanu, Alina Carp and Dan Piersinaru succeeded to highlight the most important objectives in terms of creative entrepreneurship rules: the decision to be a creative person in the jewelry sector as a personal factor, the importance of personal branding, the correct positioning on the market and the best visibility towards the audience to whom it is addressed. The speakers came up with applied solutions to different given situations and gave participants hands-on answers to their questions.

Anca Ungureanu is one of the active promoters of entrepreneurship and one of the initiators of the Academy of Creative Minds program. Alina Carp is a contemporary jeweler present in the most important contemporary jewelry exhibitions, and Dan Pierşinaru is a visual artist, founder and organizer of Autor, Noel & Materia fairs.

The AUTOR Conference – Contemporary jewelry and entrepreneurial directions – is part of Show OFF Romanian Design Week and is supported by UniCredit Bank and the Academy of Creative Minds.