Dan PIERȘINARU interview with HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition

Dan PIERȘINARU interview with HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition

Dan PIERȘINARU interview with HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition 2480 2480 Dautor

In June 2021 Dan Pierșinaru, director and founder of AUTOR Platform was invited as a speaker in the “Jewellery Today: Something New” webinar along Fatima Santos from AORP Portugal and Paulo Ribeiro from Joya Barcelona. The webinar was beautifully presided by professor and curator Alba Cappellieri and organised by Fiera Milano at the initiative of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition. After a fruitful emulations of opinions and ideas between the invited panel and the moderator about the context of jewelry today, an invitation to attend the physical event in Milano was made. In order to have some of the ideas written an interview for each invited experts followed.

1. What kind of advice would you give to a young designers?

Giving an advise could look easy, finding the suitable one could be a challenge.  But, let me try.
If you are a young designer, nourish your creativity and take lots of care of your enthusiasm. Creativity, content and  continuity are a formula that should do the work. You need to find a way to show your own authenticity (creatively), to work a lot and give the best of you (content) and to do it for as much as your passion and enthusiasm are alive and kicking (continuity). Add some marketing and PR skills to your designer career, but never neglect your creativity and your joie de vivre. Never neglect your children, if you have ones. Never 🙂

2. What are the selection parameters of AUTOR Fair?

We have a board of international jury members for each edition of the fair.  They are high profile of the art jewelry milieu and still very active in the field.
From my point of view, we look at a mix of novelty/authenticity supported by good technique, also. Sometimes we are flexible. If we see potential in terms of creative work, we open the doors for new comers that might need the right boost to get to the next level. AUTOR Fair is like a melting pot, a place were we should experiment and educate at the same time. It is definitely true, that an informal face-to-face interaction is where things spark. Autor Fair can offer this direct interaction when the physical events are taking place.

3. Recently the jewellery sector has drawn his attention to the study of design and to the use of innovative materials (not necessary precious ones), showing much more interest in contemporary jewels instead of fine jewels. What do you think are the mains reason of this change?

Maybe there is an acceleration or a necessity of the “be in the present” momentum. We are changing, we are shifting to a new normal, hopefully a more conscious one.  Contemporary jewelry is and it will be more borderless. There are no rigid frames to adjust at. Concept, creativity and innovation are in the DNA and the playground is more versatile. The reasons could be for different form one to another, but authenticity should be one.

4. What are your next projects?

The year 2020 was an impose break and why not an enriching one, at the same time.  Now, in 2021 we are looking for solutions to have the physical events as we need to fit in this uncertain context. We decided to rescale the main event, the international fair, on a Pop Up Shop formula with a selection of around thirty artists per edition. The first one in June of DOR de AUTOR Pop Up Shop was very well received with excellent results on sales. We decided to make a second edition of the Pop Up at the and of October.

I believe it is important to offer continuity and new solutions for the physical events in order not to prolonged the stillness that seems to be already too long in the field of jewelry events, in the last two years . Still looking for solutions and ideas as we are experiencing unpredictable future.