Lucie Houdková

Czech Republic

Lucie Houdková graduated at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She started her studies in the Metal and Jewelry Atelier of academic sculptor V. K. Novák  and completed them in the K.O.V. (“Concept, Object, Meaning”) atelier of Prof. Eva Eisler. She often uses non-traditional materials, as well as traditional materials: plastic, paper, rubber, wood, in combination with metal.

“I see designing new jewelry as an experiment. I love to play with materials, trying to go to the limits of its possibilities. In recent years, my inspiration has been based especially on natural organic forms. I try to find a certain kind of harmony and balance in my work. Jewelry, in my opinion, is an object which completes the personality of its wearer, but, at the same time, is a work in itself.”

Lucie is the AUTOR Award winner at Athens Jewelry Week 2019 and also the Public Award winner of this edition, which shows us that AUTOR’s choice has the public seal of approval. To read more about Lucie in an AUTOR interview, click here.