Maria DIANA @ HOMI 2022


“I am interested in all disciplines related to art and creativity. I chose to make jewelry, because I like to think they are little pieces of art that have the privilege to travel easily around the world.” The jewels by Maria Diana aims to innovate without neglecting style. Wishing to explore new frontiers in expression, Maria Diana provides a modern interpretation, using unconventional materials, for classical and exclusively feminine jewels, such as pearl necklaces. Her bracelets and necklaces are made of porcelain beads with insert in gold and platinum. Each piece in her collection is unique and brings together style, research, tradition and innovation. Her jewels have been exhibited in museum and international stores including V&A Museum (London), La Pedrera (Bracelona), Mitsukoshi (Tokyo), Mad Museum (New York), World Trade Center (Dubai)and Norton Museum (West Palm Beach, Florida)

About jewels: Maria Diana uses porcelain, stoneware and ceramics for her creations, enriching them with precious materials such as gold and platinum. Due to the wealth of processing techniques these materials offer them reasons to explore new expressive frontiers.

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