MATUTA Gioelli @ HOMI 2022


Matuta Jewels is a project born from Cristina Serafini Sauli‘s passion for jewels, semi-precious stones and metals.Architect and designer by profession, she has always created jewelry.

Matuta’s jewels are inspired by architecture, modern art, painting and sculpture: a strong nature always emerges above all, which ironizes and plays with size and structure.
Architect and designer, Cristina has always created jewelry. Her works come to life from the mediation between nature and structure: rare, unique and naturally imperfect semi-precious stones blend with rigorous metal geometries; or “perfect” stones and crystals are set with hammer-worked metal elements, in organic forms where the welds become the protagonists. Its production includes chains, rings, pendants and bracelets in silver, brass and bronze unusual stones from India, Indonesia and Africa

About jewels :
All pieces are one of a kind creations and handmade. Bronze jewelry made with the ancient lost wax process; made entirely in Italy by skilled artisans, using the techniques of high jewelry.

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