Orsolya Losonczy


Orsolya Losonczy is a Budapest based goldsmith and jewelry designer. Her work follows the tradition of basic Goldsmithing. Her products are small series, 100% handmade and exclusively custom-designed. Rough and cut minerals & pearls play the main role in her pieces. Style comes from studying in Florence and Antwerp. Gold and silver combine nature’s phenomena. In her vision, mineral characteristics determine the form and the atmosphere. Wearability and preservation of classic jewelry nature are important – classical or design piece, she is open for specific ideas of her clients. Orsolya Losonczy is also the Athens Jewelry Week Award winner at AUTOR 2017.

“I have been interested in minerals since my childhood. Minerals can take me into a fantasy world. They remind me of blooming buds trying to erupt from the earth. It is impressive that they grow not only individually but in groups. As a child, I loved to hide in the blooming bushes, I felt as if I were part of a fairy tale. My works  evoke my childhood memories. Mica brings back the lightness, the color and reflect what plants and flowers have meant to me. I love to observe the details, shapes and forms what nature creates – the atmosphere kept in my memories creates my own garden of Wonder.”