How AUTOR kept the spark for jewelry alive in 2021: DOR de AUTOR Pop-Ups Recap

How AUTOR kept the spark for jewelry alive in 2021: DOR de AUTOR Pop-Ups Recap

How AUTOR kept the spark for jewelry alive in 2021: DOR de AUTOR Pop-Ups Recap 1152 1389 Dautor

You may be already aware of it: 2021 was the year of adapting, overcoming and finding creative solutions, especially for public events. Our solution was simple, filled with good energy and directed towards conserving the local contemporary jewelry community. Because the pandemic situation was still blooming, we decided to bloom in our own (and safe) way: DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop. A small event format, but filled with energy and spontaneity. 

We started from one of the most beautiful Romanian words: DOR, which means missing someone or something deeply, in a very filled with love and gratitude kind of way. We missed AUTOR, we missed contemporary jewelry and its people, so we did something about it.

The Pop-Up Shop concentrated its efforts towards the local jewelry designers, offering the possibility of not only showcasing their work, but also selling and promoting it.

The new event concept became reality first in June 2021, then in October the same year. The location we picked was full of history and aesthetically pleasing corners, fit for the objectives we set. Hanul Gabroveni (The Gabroveni Inn) – ARCUB, set in the middle of Bucharest, was a perfect host for our event.

The first DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop Edition ▬ June 19-20th, 2021

Accompanied by good music, Prosecco, smiles, flowers and lots of coffee, we enjoyed the diverse local jewelry scene. Here are the designers and creators of beauty we had the pleasure of showcasing: Miruna Belicovici • Lucienne Buga • Cleopatra Coșuleț • Made by Mura • Iuliana Asoltanei • Mesteshukar ButiQ • Gena Tudor • Anayd Blu • Karakter • Carmen Gherghe • Lucica Rus • Luviane Atelier Parfumerie • Maria Paltin • Gligor Kusmanovski • Isabela Groza • Diana Cojocaru.


The second DOR de AUTOR Pop-Up Shop Edition ▬ October 30-31st, 2021

Enthusiastically, we started our Pop-Up journey once again, this time with international designers spicing up our line up. The event was a confirmation of the fact that jewelry needs, now more than ever, an open and friendly public, willing to find joy even during difficult times. The designers we brought together were: Cleopatra Coșuleț • Raluca Buzura • Miruna Belicovici • Maria Paltin • Lucienne Buga (Republic of Moldova) • Alys Rocks • Paola Castro (Portugal) • Anayd Blu • Bizar Concept • Fabiana Fusco (Italy) • Frammenti Design (Italy) • Atelierul de Porțelan • The Sense of Beauty (Netherlands) • Mesteshukar ButiQ • Miracolore • Jkult • Diana Pantea Jewellery • GI Jewellery • Cătălina Geru • Iunie Jewelry • Teodor Siminic.

With open hearts and mind, conserving our love and passion for jewelry, we set sail for new adventures in the months to come. We feel ready and all warmed up for an electric revival of the contemporary jewelry event experience. When jewelry is calling, all we have to do is listen, feel and answer. So, without further ado, here is our next major event, ready to fulfill our desire for beauty: 


AUTOR Fair 2022

Happening on 28 & 29 th of May

The Call for entries is now open. Click here to apply.