Doru Dumitrescu

Doru Dumitrescu

Doru Dumitrescu 150 150 Dautor

“Life” Collection addresses especially to procreator women and it’s inner purpose is to express the feelings and emotions that are preceding the birth giving.

This collection brings out three stages of the procreator cycle, each of them coming out with different aspects.
The materials chosen to feature a most clear image of contextual purity are noble wood essences, gold, diamonds, diaphane resin, all having a sense of precious.

”In my lifetime, I’ve been continuously experimenting in various creational fields, permanently searching to do what I love, which means to feel it being created with 100% pleasure from my side. The manner in which I express my ideas is, first of all, a conceptual one and it always takes into account the context in which they would be stated, the jewellery I create being visibly influenced by the area in which I was active for a long time: sculpture.” – Doru Dumitrescu