European designers at AUTOR

European designers at AUTOR

European designers at AUTOR 787 1052 Dautor

Autor is celebrating its 5th year by creating a new section within the fair, which will be reserved for European jewellery. Except for established and new local names, you will get to discover the work of well-known Belgian and Bulgarian designer at Autor #9. Two very different countries which will be represented by three talented authors with distinct perspectives.

Why an European section?

We want to bring a new challenge to our local designers, open up a gateway for communication between them and the foreign creators and, slowly but surely, we care to construct an internationally relevant jewellery fair. This European section will be a permanent addition to the fair and it will grow year after year, putting Autor on the map where contemporary jewellery events are concerned, worldwide.

Clarisse Bruynbroeck

For Clarisse, jewellery is her original language. It represents an ideal tool which helps her express her feelings. More than that, the materials she uses have the ability to change in time, so the jewellery and the body it attaches to write their own story. At only 23, Clarisse is, indeed, writing her own story too. She is a constant at exhibitions, workshops and awards and has already made an appearance in a dedicated art book.

The collection she is to showcase at Autor #9, The Marked Body, explores the effects of anorexia on the body and the mind.

Kalina Chankova

Born in Sofia, Kalina Chankova takes objects with a strict mundane use and transforms them into statement jewellery. By changing the context, the objects are enriched with new meaning and can easily give rise to contrasting and very personal feelings. The challenge, here, is rethinking day to day symbols and understaning their complete relativity.

At Autor #9, Kalina will bring pieces inspired by childhood and the home, light and colorful jewellery fit for spring.

Neva Balnikova

Each piece of Neva’s jewellery is a story on its own, as well as a social document and a reaction to her environment. Neva works with very different materials, so each collection stands on its own. What remains, though, are the gravity of her jewellery, the dignity and austerity they bleed out.

For Autor #9, spring edition, Neva brings her Grade Off collection, which is made of statement cable-knit pieces. Some are small, others larger than you would expect. There is a clear sculpturality to each jewellery, which is enhanced by the color palet (black, beige, gray and neon accents). Overall, the collection tests the limitation of what is acceptable to be worn in society.

Everything at Sala Dalles, on the 20th and the 21st of April!

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