VISIONAIRES and DESIGN DIRECTION-Fashion Forecast 2025 @ HOMI 1034 1293 Dautor

The collaboration between Homi Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and is renewed in the upcoming edition of the event, featuring a vision of the future in the exhibition area VISIONAIRES and multimedia area DESIGN DIRECTION-Fashion Forecast 2025.

Milan, February 2023 – Homi Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and are partnering again in the upcoming edition of the event, taking place from 17 to 20 February at FieraMilano (Rho). The event’s focus will be on a vision of the future, showcased in the VISIONAIRES and DESIGN DIRECTION-Fashion Forecast 2025 areas, offering visitors an accurate and comprehensive journey.

The VISIONAIRES space will present the innovative creations of 125 designers from around the world, showcasing new materials, shapes, styles, and colors for the jewelry, handbags, and clothing sectors. The ‘visions’ are inspired by the seasonal essentials and trending colors of two mega-trends – Too Good to Be True and Like Me, Like Me Not – previously presented during the September edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels.

At Visionaires, visitors can experience the future of the fashion industry in a tangible and accessible way. They can witness the latest developments in fashion and jewelry design and gain insight into the creative processes of the designers. It is an inspiring platform that promotes experimentation, creativity, and innovation.

The DESIGN DIRECTION-Fashion Forecast 2025 area will provide an outlook on the future of the fashion jewelry and accessories industries. The research will delve into materials and shapes and define new design directions with proposals that are both faithful to their own DNA and trendy. Visitors will be immersed in an exciting journey that offers insights into the evolution of contemporary habits, inspiring style suggestions, and forecasts for the coming years.

The two mega-trends revealed by’s surveys offer a preview of what’s to come. Beyond Bodies explores the relationship between the body and accessories, seeking uniqueness through extravagant and daring shapes that use one’s own body as a source of inspiration.

Silhouettes tracing anatomical profiles, facial ornaments, and details of the human figure are the protagonists of this trend, providing a glimpse into what the future holds for the fashion jewelry and accessories industries.

In addition to the Visionaires space, the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and have also introduced the Supercraft area. This space is dedicated to exploring the potential of crafts in a contemporary light, while also integrating the languages of the most advanced technologies. Here, traditional craftsmanship and innovation collide to find expressive forms in surfaces and volumes that both look to the past and reinterpret it in a modern context.

This space will be of particular interest to those who are curious about new and emerging technologies, while also having a concern for sustainability. The Supercraft area offers an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and value of craftsmanship, while also recognizing the importance of advancing the industry with sustainable practices.


HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition – 17-20 Februarie 2023- fieramilano (Rho).