Jewelry: a statement

Jewelry: a statement

Jewelry: a statement 1400 1000 Dautor

Photo by Dan Pierșinaru

“In the beginning, there was no Earth or Sun, Moon or stars, nor light, like we have now. Wherever you’d turn, you’d only see these murky waters, floating around like a cloud” Romanian Mythology, Romulus Vulcanescu.

Imagination is liquid. In fills every space, takes any form, conquers any grotto and then leaves to conquer another. The physical manifestation of imagination happens when there is a lack of space, when two spaces are held together by a single flow of water and made one. Imagination has a mind of its own, it acts according to its connection-making nature.

The condition that allows imagination to be is a dissociative state, a voyage to a different dimension where rules are absorbed by intent. Revelation is all around us. The jewelry artist is the agent, an intermediary between visible and invisible. Exterior illumination passes through the body and turns into object. The success of this event depends on how receptive the person is to the subtle details of his or her environment. This way, ideas aren’t defined in space. They are the manifestation of the same principle and they are born and reborn from the last one. There is an unconscious memory of the idea and it subordinates every new thought to a past to which every design is heading for.

Jewelry, like any new object, seduces its creator. The beauty of the new-born is incomparable. It desaturates everything that existed before. It act like an alter-ego, sometimes an inexact one which lives on the edge of I am and I seem. When the merge is sincere, jewelry and maker become one, they share impulse and history.

Jewellery is born in different contexts. People are not always born of love and flowers don’t only grown in gardens. Similarly, jewellery are sometimes brought into existence because of gloomy emotions that cannot be communicated otherwise. Often, without too much of an explanation, artist and jewellery find each other.


Photo by Dan Pierșinaru

Many pieces of jewelry exist because of a need to communicate an internal reality impossible to express in a different manner. They replace words, connect emotions, show realities. The creator is directly linked to the wearer, the one that deciphered his language.

On other occasions, jewelry comes from a personal childhood myth and from the need to become attached. From the urgency to transform an old tree’s ancient wood to something everlasting, which creates a dual feeling of grief and wonder.

The process of making jewelry is a dialogue which opens you up to everything that exists. It transforms you into an archetypal explorer. The material changes and changes you, confronting you with your own physical and spiritual limitation. There is a newly gained order that arises from the discipline of jewellery making, a step-by-step transformation meant to make what’s hidden inside surface. The images approach us from our subconscious. Jewellery encourages analysis, the search for hidden details. The creator turns detective, actively looking for mysteries and meanings.

Jewelry is complete only when it can leave its creator and meet its new partner. And, finally, an ending can exist.

Text by Oana Tudoran, managing editor for Autor Magazine #0 & #1


Fotografie de Dan Pierșinaru

Photo by Dan Pierșinaru