JOY of enJOYing JOYA – Cleopatra Coșuleț

JOY of enJOYing JOYA – Cleopatra Coșuleț

JOY of enJOYing JOYA – Cleopatra Coșuleț 1134 756 Dautor

Cleopatra Coşuleţ, winner of the Krama Institute Award at the 2016 edition of AUTOR Fair, will participate in the Joya Barcelona Art Jewelery Fair that will take place on the 5th-6th and 7th of October in Barcelona, where she will exhibit her latest collection, The Whole is made of Pieces.

Cleopatra talked to us about her new collection and the creative mechanisms that nourish her work.

”Desired but uncertain event at the time of my application’s submission, the acceptance to Joya Barcelona Art Jewelery Fair with The Whole is made of Pieces collection has become reality. My secret desire to come more closer to symbols of contemporary jewelry from all over the world is about to be fulfilled. Couldn’t be more happy!

No thought about this occurred when my participating collection was born. There were challenging days for me, when I finally decided to change things about my lifestyle. It was the right moment to become more interested about health with all that this implies : food, exercise, recreation. With stubbornness and determination, I started to reassemble my mind and body with movement and healthy eating. I even had various food programs I followed with great conscientiousness. It was hard to do it, but the results speak for themselves. Proofs of those first days of my new life approach, and also of the followings were gathered with care in a large glass bowl: avocado seeds, avocado’s fruit skin, various fruit seeds. Time passed and I felt like I had to turn them into wearable pieces of jewelry.

Silver structures bring pieces together, reunite them. It’s a precious role, with valuable results, as well as those due to the act of will. The shine of the metal is hidden beneath the patina layer as in real life, where preciousness is not always visible, which does not invalidate its existence. Pieces with multiple ways to be worn suggests the idea of choice and assumption. And the way we can change things if we want to change them. Colors are meant to highlight the presence of time marks on the organic materials used, as symbol of life experiences and their effects. We are the sum of past and present happenings and our will guide us through the future. The materials used (Sterling Silver, patina, avocado seeds, avocado fruit skin, resin, silicone, pigments, acrylics) are closely related to this collection’s concept, which is also my personal belief about human and his way through his own life.

The Whole is made out of Pieces Collection hidden mechanisms are now revealed. The next stage is the concrete one. To see and touch the real shape of all these thoughts and to find and experience your own vision about them. It will happen between the 5th and 7th of October at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair, at Arts Santa Monica, La Rambla 7, Barcelona. See you there!”

Cleopatra Coșuleț