New Entry at Autor #9

New Entry at Autor #9

New Entry at Autor #9 150 150 Dautor

Silver and plastic, wood and porcelain, geometry and symbols, water, color, fibre. In other words, this edition’s selection for Autor contemporary jewellery fair. 13 new jewellery designers which will be at Autor #9 on the 20th and 21st of April 2013 at Sala Dalles, Bucharest.

Our New Entry designers are the essence of the Autor spirit. These are artists who have never before participated in the fair, designers which have gone through the same selection process as the more established names and who have proven themselves worthy to be included in our final selection.

New Entry is a new wave, a confirmation that contemporary jewellery exists in Romania as well. And this is the exact purpose of the Autor Platform. We hope you enjoy these new names. They bring new views, styles, materials and concepts which we are not yet familiar with.

Lidia Puică: My concept is creating jewellery inspired by the organic. I use tradition techniques like croche and embroiding, but in a free, modern manner which enables me to find new shapes and textures.

Anamaria Dobras: My AQUA collection translates the energy of water to a functional context. Key concepts: movement, floating, deformation, reflection.

Anca Pandrea: The combination between wood and silver speaks Anca’s language. A jewellery in natural tones, exuting life and emotion, modern and elegant without being too formal.

Andreea Bololoi: In the Micro/Macro Scopic collection, jewellery is a pluricelular organism. The recurent element here is the circle.

Bashou: Each Bashou piece is a colorful dream brought to life. The dream of crumpled paper, translucid or tinted plastic or any other apparently unworthy material which can be recycled and has the potential to become a small diamond.

Cristina Barsony: Paperporcelain is a combination of celulose and porcelain which is more resistant than regular porcelain. This is the bulding block of her white collection.

Doru Dumitrescu: Wood is an organic element which lives for eternity, no matter its state. Because it has a warm and positive vibration, wood offers the wearer a pleasant soothing feeling.

Grigore Mitrea: The woodrepublic rings were initially pieces of wood to small or faulted to become furniture. Scrap which was too valuable to become fire wood. The wood becomes hence becomes precious and searching for an interesting pattern within its fiber is just like the search of rare minerals or crystals.

Irina Raichici: The equilateral triangle is Delta in the Greek alphabet, the creating shape of anything that is and a symbol of the divine.

Isabela Groza: Isabela’s jewellery blends the pure shine of silver with the magnificent colours that titan can have.

Karakter: The „Fusion“ collection starts from the idea of associating opposing materials, textures, messages and shapes, organic or synthetic with the purpose of creating a coherent and harmonious result.

Mădalina Stoica: My jewellery is composed in an ancient, reinterpreted manner. Every piece is handmade, with no other processes associated with mass market production.

Sergiu Alin Ioana: Sergiu’s pieces are inspired by nature and ancient Dacic symbolism, brought back to life through contemporary shapes.