Our first AUTOR workshop at UNA

Our first AUTOR workshop at UNA

Our first AUTOR workshop at UNA 1024 683 Dautor

A couple of minutes before 12, the first day of the week and what an unexpectedly warm January day it is. In the courtyard of the School of Decorative Arts and Design things are unchanged despite the impending melting of the snow and everything that follows: water covering the ground, trickling from the rooftops, arches and trees.

We’re coming in. Up the stairs, take a left. The hall is packed. Students are finding their seats in the classroom. This is the first AUTOR workshop at UNA and we need more chairs. Ioana Avram, lecturer in the Fashion department, introduces Dan Pierșinaru to a group in which we can distinguish a bunch of familiar faces. The workshop begins. Dan goes ahead and explains the types of existant jewellery in order to reach his main topic, author made jewellery. Half an hour later, we’ve covered the differences between author made and brand made design, the former’s characteristics and the process which enables the artist to create a full collection of jewellery. A Q&A session is in order. And, finally, we get to the fun part: a practical exercise in concept developing.

Because, in all actuality, when we talk about author made jewellery we naturally discuss a premeditated artistic endeavor, and this, too, can be learned. Conceptual thining is an act which must be exercised. Otherwise, the artist will find no continuity in his or her work.

We concluded the first AUTOR workshop at UNA with a final Q&A and a promise of returning. This was definitely was a „get to know eachother“ kind of seminar, a free discussion.

Third year students are prepraring their final papers. We hope for a good year, great projects and breakthrough collections. Author made jewellery may become a passion for some of them. This will come to us at just the right time.

Our thanks go out to Ioana Avram, who invited us to hold this workshop, as well as to all of the students present.