Elli Xippa ━ AUTOR Award @ AJW

Elli Xippa ━ AUTOR Award @ AJW

Elli Xippa ━ AUTOR Award @ AJW 900 1200 Dautor
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Elli Xippa


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Elli Xippa


Her collection seems to have a life of its own, changing shapes and colors. And being so alive is also what got Elli Xippa the AUTOR Award at Athens Jewelry Week 2018. This means, she will be with us as our special guest at AUTOR Fair 2019.
Elli Xippa Autor Fair


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Crawling in the deep


Description of the collection:

They are creatures of my imagination, crawling in the deep, protected by their black-and-white shell. Fighting in the sea, twiddling; some of them crushing on the rocks and breaking, while others are being swept ashore by the waves! After I started working with my material – pantyhose – I gave it shape, I hardened it, I pulled it, I twisted it and finally, I transformed it into a shell! Do I want to hide something inside of it, maybe? I created a lot of them, I saw them coming alive, moving; they’re my thoughts, wandering in my head. I express some of them, others I struggle to keep well hidden and there are others I erase. Ι love this! Every time I change shapes and combine colours I have fun! And thus, my hands are led to create without knowing how I started and where I will end up.

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