Anayd Blu / Diana Tobosaru

Anayd Blu / Diana Tobosaru

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Anayd Blu / Diana Tobosaru


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Diana Tobosaru


I graduated (B.A.) the scenography section from UNARTE, I worked in the theatre “Sica Alexandrescu” in Brasov,then, for 28 years I tried to bring value to advertising, being the first creative director in Romania.I attended classes and workshops at the “Assemblage Jewelry School”.
Now I design and manufacture unique jewelry or limited series trying to give them meaning and value through the symbolism of the message they carry.

My first collection in an exhibition was “From Thought to Fire”inspired by the legend of the Pentecost.
The next collections, “The Heart of the Treasure”, “Persona” and “Memories from Happiness”
Were part of the exhibition organized by “Assemblage National Association” in Bucharest and abroad. Designblok-Prague, Fashion Week, The Romaninan Cultural Institute-Lisbon, The National History Museum-Bucharest, EuRoFestCultra 2018-Bozar Bruxelles, the UNO Headquarters in New York, Joya-Barcelona.

Two capsule collections, “Day Dreaming” and “The Queen’s Dream” inspired by Queen Mary of Romania were awarded and they are exhibited in the Museum shop in the Palace of Cotroceni.


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The Lost World


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In Egyptian mythology, the eye of Horus (the Egyptian eye) is a symbol of the triumph over evil.
With Salvador Dali, ”The eye of Time” sees both the present and the future.
Tears are the mirror of emotion in our lives.

“The lost world” is a collection meant to incite you to have the courage to open your eyes
and see the world around you.
To see and realize that it is up to you to change it.
They are the eyes of those who never let themselves defeated.
The tears are tears of hope , the emotion of the moment when you find in yourself the power to get up and move on.

“Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly”

Langston Hughes

The objects are made of silver, bronze, resin, recycled plastic, leather and cultured pearls.

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