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Anayd Blu


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Diana Tobosaru


I graduated (B.A.) the scenography section from UNARTE , I worked in the theatre “Sica Alexandrescu” in Brasov, then, for 28 years I tried to bring value to advertising.
Now I design and manufacture unique jewelry or limited series trying to give them meaning and value through the symbolism of the message they carry.
I have been constantly participating at international fairs of contemporary jewelry.

Two capsule collections, “Day Dreaming” and “The Queen’s Dream” inspired by Queen Mary of Romania were awarded and they are exhibited in the Museum Shop in the Palace of Cotroceni.


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My Precious


Description of the collection:

Where do you come from, where are you and where are you heading to?
Throughout life you always need benchmarks.
Dear people, a poem, the infinite blue of the horizon you are heading to…a pearl necklace worn by your mother or the sound of the waves awaken in you a tumult of emotions.
You close your eyes and for a moment you are there…
For the precious things in your life, those you always carry in your heart are not objects. They are your roots, your feelings, your memories, your dreams, all of which define you.

Magic amulets without which life has no meaning.

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