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Andra Lupu


Andra Lupu was born in 1984 in Cluj Napoca, Romania, where she is working as a contemporary jewelry designer since 2007. She has graduated the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania whit a Bachelors degree (2007) and a Masters degree (2009) in Design. At 2012, she attended a workshop, about “Pigments on metal”, organized by Lucia Masei, at Alchimia, School of contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy.
Since she started working she attended numerous national and international jewellery fairs and exhibition, being published and awarded for her work.
In 2013 she started teaching contemporary jewelry techniques, at LUPU contemporary jewellery school, next to her father Alexandru Lupu and her sister Odette Lupu


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Crushed is what you feel when something beautiful is ending, crushed is how you feel when you lose someone dear… But every ending is a new beginning, it’s up to you how you start over, or whether if you take the good or the bad of every experience. In my new collection, i use thin layers of “crushed” melted silver, to create a jewellery as a metaphor to the fragility of life, relationships, feelings…

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