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Anima Jewelry


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Karolina Siburkyte


Karolina Siburkyte first studied Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, yet after a year and a half she decided to turn to a smaller scale artwork and moved to United Kingdom to study Three Dimensional Design in Manchester Metropolitan University. There began Karolina's artistic journey in jewellery making. After receiving her bachelors degree in Arts, she returned to her home country Lithuania. Karolina moved to Vilnius to study under renowed Lithuanian jewelry makers (Darijus Gerlikas and Tadas Deksnys) and to work in the jewellery field to deepen her technical knowledge in working with precious metals and natural stones. In 2016 she had her first jewellery exhibition, and in 2017 Karolina started making her own jewellery full-time and 'Anima' brand was born. Since then she participated in jewellery contests, had another exhibition and an article about her work was issued in an international jewellery magazine “Baltic Jewellery News”. Karolina's inspiration derives from natural world that she encounters everyday and on her travels. Through photographs she captures all the micro forms and big open spaces of nature and this visual library transfers into her jewellery work.


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Nature Morte


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Through this collection nature is perceived as something shamanistic, secretive and admirable. It is the manifestation of natural, organic forms in jewellery. In precious metals and adorned with natural gemstones these natural forms become even luxurous. It's a paradox that these creations will outlive the actual plants and animals that they were inspired by. This way the pieces are a certain continuation of nature. The decaying natural world is brought back to life in the form of metal and is an authentic way to preserve it nearly forever (sometimes even literally as in some pieces actual parts of animals or plants were used for casting). In this context jewellery can even become a modern and appealing token or an amulet of sorts (as it used to be in certain cultures through the ages, using natural parts from nature for spiritual qualities).

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