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Cleopatra Cosulet

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Cleopatra Cosulet


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Cleopatra Cosulet


Following its call for contemporary expression through jewelry, romanian artist Cleopatra Cosulet attended Assamblage-Contemporary Jewelry School Bucharest and Krama Institute Athens courses and workshops. Her collections were showcased in exhibitions organised by Assamblage (Bucharest,Romania), Galerie Biro (Munich, Germany) and international jewelry fairs such as Author Bucharest, JOYA Barcelona and SIERAAD Amsterdam. The step she made from wearing jewelry to create it was coincidental, but those who followed were made consciously, determined and committed. Each piece is a concrete expression of a fugitive thought and sets an intimate connection with its wearer. Defined by shape and color, they’re milestones in personal search of self.


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Cogito, Ergo Sum


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The act of thinking certifies human’s existence, according René Descartes principle (Discourse on the Method, 1637). Starting from this point, man can be considered as a white page with intrinsic value, who initiates and practices the thought process by questioning everything except certain intuitive values. “…we cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt, and that this is the first knowledge we acquire…” (René Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, 1644 )
This initial assumption underlying the collection is suggested by using resin, white pigment and gold leaf. The white page becomes a story throughout man’s life. Surrounding inputs are received through man’s senses: our eyes can see, our ears can hear, our nose can smell them. Various stimuli are being processed and imprinted on our existence according to our unique structure. Most of the time, they condition our path, but should they? Or should we always doubt and question certitudes taken from outside our inner self? Should we think and re-think known facts, habitudes, rules? Should we build our steps on predetermined criteria or on our intuitive feelings about the world, in spite of all that we have learned and know? There are choices to make, based on our beliefs but are they truly ours or inherited and taken as such? Doubts rise questions, answers are given according to each individuality. They make us think and our story is written by ourselves.

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