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Collectiva – Joalharia de Autor

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Collectiva – Joalharia de Autor


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Collectiva – Joalharia de Autor


Collectiva is an independent platform and store-gallery, directed to promote Portuguese contemporary jewellery in the feminine.

We intend to show the work of both emerging Portuguese designers and/or brands lead by women, and also – having identity, contemporaneity and exclusivity as criteria bases – we aim to present a careful selection of small collections, limited editions and exclusive pieces.

Collectiva opend in September 2017 and has been presenting a wide program of exhibitions and regular events, including the “Collectiva Meeting” : an annual exhibition that aims to bring together nacional and international artists at Porto, Portugal. In 2018, more than 95 artists from all over the world have participated in the event, which aimed to promote new talents and innovative works within the contemporary jewellery field .

This year, we propose to take to Autor 2019 the Portuguese jewellery designers: ANA BRAGANÇA + BARBARA GOYRI + LIA GONÇALVES + MMUTT + PAULA CASTRO + SUSANA TEIXEIRA


Collection details
Name of the collection:
ENDLESS (Ana Bragança) + WAVE (Barbara Goyri) + MOVEMENTS ( Lia Gonçalves) + ODISSEIAS (Mmutt) + NATURE (Paula Castro + TRANSFER (Susana Teixeira)


Description of the collection:

Contemporary, Architecture and Geometry: the three omnipresent features always present in Ana Bragança Jewellery´s collections. ENDLESS is the result of a repetition of some geometric forms that were used by the architects Herzog & de Meuron in some facade studies.

The inspiration behind the organic twisted shapes of collection by Barbara Goyri is the fishermen’s daily routine. All designs mimic particular features from boats, fishing tools, sea plants and animals that live in the sea environment.

Basing her work on a contemporary approach, Lia Gonçalves shifts between jewellery and design, with a minimalist aesthetic and a deep concern about functionality. The jewellery designer always combines geometric lines and organic elements with traditional handcrafted techniques, exploring simple and usable shapes.

MMUTT is a collection of pieces defined by the relation of elements, contrasts in color or texture with different shapes connected by materials. There is a sense of usability a simplicity that is explored. The speech each piece has, as basic as it might seam, is in line with a shape delimitation having a continuous contour.

So complex and so simple. The Issue is its simplicity. The beauty of it and that is enough to be. In a world where Man destroys his own habitat for power and money, it is urgent to keep things simple and natural as it is with its power to regenerate.

The translation, as a mathematical transformation, gives a figure a
rectilinear motion in a certain direction and sense, maintaining its geometric configuration and its dimensions. This collection by Susana Teixeira by application to the circle, the operation allows to intuit a track that materializes in some stages of the trajectory described.

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