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Daniella saraya

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Daniella saraya


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Daniella saraya


silversmith and contemporary
Jewelry designer, from Israel. I graduated my B.A in jewelry design (2013) and my M.A in Multi-disciplinary design (2016) at Shenkar College of engineering and design.


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At times, we can all be like Icarus, dazzled by the goal, educated to be the best. we want what we can't get, need to reach higher, achieve more, sometimes without asking why, without looking down, Without understanding the purpose. Designed to walk on the ground, but never stop dreaming about the moment we will grow our wings and fly.
My project moves between the two extremes, the sun and the sea, up and down, when we are there, standing in the middle. Like most of my works, here too, I am interested in the relationship between human nature and material nature. How can one be explored in relation to, and through the other? Icarus is a complex figure that symbolizes the constant human struggle, between the endless desire to reach higher and the limit of our ability. In other words, the possibility of flying has a double meaning – physical and metaphorical.
The same is true about the jewelry, their shapes are inspired by the world of birds, and when they are worn on the body, they allow it to grow wings. But not wings of the kind that works, like the one Daedalus built, on the contrary – Heavy wings, that remind us of our limitations of gravity, broken and disintegrating, wings in the process of decay.
I chose to work with materials that also symbolize this edges – the light, delicate fabric, mixes with the hard and stable stone – in my work on them I checked how far they can go, without fall into pieces and without being destroyed…

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