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Dario Scapitta Design


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Dario Scapitta


I was born in Valenza (Italy) a capital of the e Italian jewelry business. Since I was young I heard about jewelry and goldsmith, my parents and my brother are all working on the jewelry business. I've studied jewelry design at the high school, then I've got a degree in set and costume design at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera in Milan, but I was always working as jewelry designer, experimenting 3d CAD since more than 10 years ago. In the 2005 I came back to Valenza, where I've started to work in a 3d CAD and prototyping studio especially for the jewelry sector. Since 2010 I live in The Netherlands. New country, new culture, new experiences. A desire to change, finding new inspirations. I've started to work on new personal ideas and finally on the 4th of September 2012 (my birthday!) the Dario Scapitta Design is born. As a very independent company, I'm investing my energy and background knowledge creating my personal collections, trying to design different object that people like to wear. Jewelry design for me is not only diamonds and gold, but also different materials, this is why the 3d printing technology is perfect, because allow me to experimenting with different materials, playing with colours and shapes always focused to the sense of beauty. All my collections are focused on the connection between design and fashion. I'm designing each piece starting from sketches and then modelling the shapes with 3d software. After testing parts and samples to get the right object, each items is and finished. I like to use 925 sterling silver to make comfortable and wearable jewels and body decorations. In my new collections I'm the possibility to play with basic geometries. Each object has to highlight the beauty of a woman.


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SEGMENTA collection


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SEGMENTA collection is a sophisticated minimalist collection. Simple tridimensional geometric shapes are defining a pure and modern elegance in a combination of strong lines and edges with fluid lines. Made by 925 sterling silver and enamel details, the collection underlines the meaning of pure geometric forms as a circle, a triangle and a square. Each form is combined with a selected colour both expressing a specific symbolic meaning as on our previous collection. Each style match with our inner being and feelings. SEGMENTA collection is the perfect jewelry collection for the modern woman, a woman who knows herself, what she wants and how to express herself.

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