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Ezgi Okur


She studied at departmant of Mersin Univercity jewelry design and jewelry technologies in Turkey and graduated in 2010. The fact that the industry which she in relation with was closed to innovation and creativity led her to establish her own brand. She established her own brand DEGLATION with Görken Kızılçağlayan in 2013 and just after that they started to produce completely unique jeweleries. Outside the main materials such as silver and brass in their designs acetate, sequin, glass, steel etc. materials are also used.


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After being able to stand on two feet, the humankind made production by its own bare hands, and as a result of its brain's growth evolved into a smarter than other creatures, and creates a harmful live profile by consuming and spending the world's resources consciously and irresponsibly. We may can't know what the evolution process will show us, but what we see right now; there is an indispensable requirement to all people need to gain wisdom, have toleration, be able to communicate, be peaceful and have revolutionary features; that's why it is an UTOPIA. Materials: Sequin, stainless steel.

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